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This past weekend, the hairstylists of j.luxe spent our time in Boston at an Oribe hands on styling class. This was the first time we’ve been to an Oribe class and what amazing class it was! The first set of models came out with black tissue in their hair covering up what the Oribe team had done to prep them. The music was loud like we were at NY Fashion week. As they removed the tissue, the model’s hair were set differently from one another but all set in curl type fashion. Hair picks and curlers were flying from the model’s heads to the beat of the music playing. Within just several minutes, we watched hair art at its best being completed right in front of our eyes. They looked beautiful; classic styles. Then, the second set of models came out with these theatrical masks covering their faces. It was like being at a fancy masquerade party. They sat there for quite some time in the masks. When unveiled, the models were prepped from what came next, thinking outside the box. Hairstyling is a true form of art and as stylists; we can interpret it many different ways. This class helped us look at different ways to achieve the look we are going for. We got to spend a couple hours on our live models letting us do some crazy stuff! We are very excited to bring our new knowledge to our clients back in the salon. Syracuse will be in for a nice treat!!!

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